Chiara Pietrarota
Vice President, PWN Milan
Chiara is responsible for the Italian corporate portfolio credit assessment at Europe Arab Bank plc since 2009, with coverage also on UK and US customers since 2016. Before that, Chiara worked for one of the main Italian financial institutions in a similar role. Chiara is passionate about her job and the international culture she briefs every day working in an interesting cultural environment, a bit European and a bit Middle Eastern.
Chiara joined PWN Milan in March 2018. She took part to the mentoring program as double role of Mentor to young female professional and Mentee, as she believes we never stop learning from other people. She is actively working at improving work-life and gender equality in EAB, despite the cultural challenges. Chiara knows we can do more: for this reason, she has recently founded with four friends a start-up to enable better utilisation of public spaces; during April 2019 “Salone del Mobile” the start-up presented its showcase to the public.