The art of setting boundaries

A group coaching program to raise awareness of your boundaries, identify and learn your limits and shift to self-determination.

Boundaries can be described as your personal rules of engagement and the ability to let others know what is okay with you and what is not okay with you.

But first, you need to raise your awareness of your "boundaries blocks" and boundary literacy.



The art of setting boundaries

Starting June 5th we are launching a fresh new program with Milena Trevisani, Executive Coach and Trainer at Milena Trevisani Coaching.

Participating is a great opportunity to work on your boundaries IQ and accelerate personal growth!

Why shall you participate?

If you are interpreting your inability to say no, to set limits, or to assert your preferences as personal flaws, thinking you are just “weak, stupid, just a pushover” etc... it's simply because nobody thought you, period.

So if you struggle with knowing and expressing your limits and deal breakers or saying no to people there is nothing wrong with you.

In this course, we are going to tackle all the existing boundary blocks and focus on one topic to raise your awareness and your boundary literacy. There will be some reflecting time through journaling and group interactions because the more you understand why you relate to boundaries the way you do, the easier it becomes to shift your behavior from powerless to self-determined.

During this program you will:

  • Raise awareness on your boundaries blocks;
  • Develop boundaries literacy;
  • Recognize your boundaries blocks and name them;
  • Learn how to set limits;
  • Shift your behavior from powerless to self-determined.

How will we learn and network?

The program will be a mix of 3 virtual sessions, individual activities, and peer coaching.

It will be held remotely at lunchtime, with a closing aperitif (live).

The session will last 2 hours each.

The training style will be very dynamic with great attention to individual and group work.


  • Monday, 5 June 12.30-14.30 - online
  • Monday, 12 June 12.30-14.30 - online
  • Monday, 19 June 12.30-14.30 - online
  • TBD - Networking aperitif as the closing of the program

 Important info

This program is addressed to PWN Milan members.

The number of participants will be a maximum of 20 following a "first comes, first served" approach.

The workshops will be held in English.

The fee to participate is €200 for individual members, and €300 for corporate members.
The fee for becoming a PWN Milan member is €125.


To apply for the program send an e-mail to by 28th February 2023.


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