PWN Milan - Networking Aperitivo - The Urgency of Slowing Down – Why this matter and what to do about it?

16 January 2019 19:00 - 21:00 Hotel Sina de La Ville

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The Urgency of Slowing Down

Why this matter and what to do about it?


WHEN Wednesday, January 16th,  7-9:00pm 
WHERE Hotel Sina de La Ville, Via Hoepli 6 (MM Duomo)

We’re all feeling dizzy. We seem to be in this accelerating roller coaster that we never quite asked to get on, and we don't know how to get off. Most would agree that our devices are not going to go away, nor would we want them to. But it’s a safe bet we will continue to see further quickening. This acceleration comes at a cost. We’re really going to have to take emergency measures just to keep ourselves in balance.

Leonard Cohen said "use stillness and silence as a recharging station for the soul". Mindfulness can be that recharging station for many us.

Join Executive Coach - Hooda Soodi  who we will explore:

1. What mindfulness is and is not.

2. What some of the advantages of being mindful are for your health and happiness according to the scientific research? 

3. What some of the practices and exercises are which you can do starting now to build mindfulness into your busy life? 

Please join us and make valuable connections to expand your professional and personal network!

All professional women are welcome, whether members or guests

Networking Cocktail 7 - 8 pm/ Presentation Begins 8 - 9:00 pm 
· Members: €20, buffet included 
· Guests: €35, buffet included 

Members and guests, for organizational reasons, please register online. Registrations close the night before the event.

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Event details

Hotel Sina de La Ville
Via Hoepli 6 (MM DUOMO)
Member price
€20 per attendee
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€35 per attendee

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