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  • Una casa delle bambole domotica: Barbie cambia i giochi delle bambine 

    29 June

    Domotica e tecnologia possono aiutare a cambiare le regole del gioco. Se venti anni fa le bambine amavano destreggiarsi tra finti...

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  • Focus sulla pipeline

    15 June

    Dopo due anni di presidenza di Pwn Milan è arrivato il momento di fare un bilancio per cercare di capire quali sono stati i...

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  • Eletto il nuovo board di PWN Milan

    26 May

    L'Assemblea annuale della Professional women’s network (Pwn) ha eletto il nuovo board confermando per i prossimi tre anni la guida...

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Latest research

  • ENSAE research: Gender disparity, maternity, pay

    Women who work in the French private sector see their pay reduced by 3% every time they have a child, according to new research...

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  • The 7 habits of parents with work-life balance

    For some people the whole work-life balance thing can seem like an absolute myth, especially for hard working parents who are in...

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  • How Gender Bias Corrupts Performance Reviews, and What to Do About It

    Annual evaluations are often subjective, which opens the door to gender bias. These biases can lead to double standards —­­ a...

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