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  • PWN Milan - 2020 Board Elections

    6 September 2020

    During the 2020 General Assembly which will take place on Wednesday 30th September 2020 PWN Milan Members will have the chance to elect new Board members.

    Here is the link to register to the General Assembly and here are the  candidate's biographies by each Board Position. Please, take a look at them before voting at the General Assembly.


    Vice President


    Membership Experience Director

    Corporate Partnership Director

    Professional Development Programs Director

    Networking Aperitifs Director

    Marketing Director

    Operations Director

  • PWN Milan Growth Enablers

    7 July 2020

    Take a chance on your personal and professional growth with PWN Milan membership

    PWN Milan decided to offer a special opportunity to those women that  will join our community or renew their expired membership. 

    One hour session to be spent 1-to-1 with a professional women, either Coach, or HR specialist, or Head Hunter or Outplacement Service Manager, as we thought it could be of help for your professional growth. This service is free for you if you decide to apply for your Premium membership (or renew it) from today until end of September 2020. You can then book your hour with the person you prefer and you will have time until end of December 2020 to arrange your meeting.

    In order to book your hour after you have applied for your membership (or renewed it), please send an email to membership@pwnmilan.net indicating your first 3 choice of professionals and attaching the payment invoice for confirmation.  

    So don’t wait too long – take 5 minutes to apply for your new Premium membership by clicking on the link https://www.pwnmilan.net/join-us/individual-member.html or to renew it by logging into the member platform and clicking on My Profile where you will see the Renew Membership button. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at membership@pwnmilan.net in case you need any further clarification or information. 

    Here is the full list of our selected professionals:


    Alessia De Albertis 

    Open-mind and curious, I am passionate for lifelong learning mindset and I am engaged in creating an inclusive leadership. After over 15 years spent in the HR & Organisation in Banking and Insurance Global Corporates, I decided to start a new journey: I moved to London and worked as a Career Coach for a while. Back to Italy, I am currently People&Culture Director in a mid-size digital services Company. I love inspiring young women in pursuing a STEM career as I believe that everyone has its own talent which needs to be unlocked. It’s my third year in PWN where I am supporting the 2020 mentoring program edition as Angel Mentor. My motto? Keep it simple, share and enjoy.

    alissia molteni

    Professional Certified Coach Passionate about food, sports, travel and people. At the point that I have transformed my passion into work. After 10 years working in External Communication and HR, in Energy and Consultancy sectors, I am currently working as HR Generalist in a Consulting Firm leader in Financial Services. I love being among women and with and for them inspire the change. As a girl pursuing her dreams both in personal and professional life, I am committed to reinforce people strengths and let all see weaknesses as opportunities to unlock the power, to see the good where everyone cannot see and recognize it. My motto? Find what you love, and let it kill you!

     antonella villa

    Professional Certified Coach (PCC) della International Coach Federation (ICF); ICF Instructor del corso European Coaching & NLP Program; Master in NPL e in Problem Solving Strategico e Comunicazione con approccio Breve-Strategico, ispirato dal Mental Research Institute di Palo Alto (California); Operatore certificato Sviluppo delle potenzialità cognitive attraverso l’applicazione del Programma di Arricchimento Strumentale di Reuven Feuerstein; Certificata M.B.T.I. 

     cetti galante

    Cetti Galante dal 2011 è AD di Intoo, società di riferimento in Italia per la consulenza di carriera che  supporta le organizzazioni nelle fasi di ristrutturazione e cambiamento e le persone nel ritrovare lavoro o valutare un cambiamento, anche di progetto di vita, passando a una attività autonoma. Intoo supporta anche i ragazzi alla ricerca del primo lavoro, le mamme nel nuovo equilibrio vita/lavoro dopo la maternità e le persone nella valutazione delle migliori scelte pensionistiche. Cetti è appassionata del suo lavoro, crede fortemente nella autodeterminazione della persona attraverso la proattività, curiosità e apertura ed è anche molto impegnata nella promozione delle migliori pratiche in materia di gestione delle risorse umane nei momenti critici dell’azienda. 



     daniela piccolo

    Ho un passato nella gestione delle Risorse Umane di aziende multinazionali, un lungo periodo di attività per la selezione di profili Executive e dal 2014 sono coach accreditata e svolgo l’attività di coaching a supporto di manager e team con un approccio sistemico e un focus sul miglioramento delle performances e il potenziamento nei momenti di transizione. Dall’inizio del 2018 collaboro con Agile School per la progettazione ed erogazione di corsi dedicati alla creazione del mindset agile nelle organizzazioni e alla formazione di figure di agile Coach e Agile Team Facilitator.


    Hooda’s propensity to grow and explore has led to vast international business experience and exposure that exceeds 20 years. She has lived in 4 continents and traveled to more than 50 countries. Her background includes roles as diverse as board member, corporate strategist, financial analyst, sales & marketing director, consultant, facilitator, advisor and coach.Most recently Hooda identifies herself as an Executive Coach, Advisor & Change Agent. She is a self-professed ‘brain-nerd’ who turns science into simple, practical tools we can all use. She applies positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to inspire people, organizations and communities to be the best they can be. She’s impassioned about fostering communities that value diversity and inclusion, respect the environment, and help those in need.  



    Laura Micicchè

    Laura has sixteen years of experience within the advisory market, first as business consultant at Boston Consulting Group and later in the area of financial advisory at Lazard. In 2008, she became the Human Resource Business Partner of the Milan Office, being part of the global Lazard HR team. Besides her HR activities, she works as mentor to the Italian bankers coaching them on a wide range of activities, including the design of the most appropriate career path, the identification of personal and professional targets, the recognition of the developments’ areas, the creation of a proper teamwork attitude and the establishment of a positive work environment.

     lauretta filangieri

    Lauretta è una manager con una lunga esperienza in ambito marketing, digital, innovazione e gestione del cambiamento maturato ricoprendo posizioni di responsabilità in aziende e consulenza. Dal 2017 ha arricchito il suo percorso acquisendo il diploma di coaching e di Master Practitioner in programmazione neurolinguistica. E’ oggi un coach certificato ICF con la qualifica di ACC e segue in percorsi pro bono manager e giovani imprenditrici su tematiche di gestione del cambiamento, di carriera e di start up di nuove iniziative o rifocalizzazione nei propri obiettivi di vita, facendo leva sugli strumenti del coaching e della PNL cosi come sulla sua esperienza in grandi aziende e nei processi di innovazione e change management. E’ anche moglie e mamma di 3 figli.


    mariella bisaccia

    I am  a Professional Certified Coach ICF working in the human resources in-dustry since 2002. I have a sound preparation in Emotional Intelligence (6 Seconds Certified EQ Facilitator and EQ assessor), and in coaching at mastery level. Skilled in Executive Coaching, Team Building, Change Management, Leadership Development. I have a University degree in foreign languages and a sound preparation in coaching at mastery level. My passion is spotting the talent and making it grow. My motto: a roaring lion kills no game.

     marta ghezzi

    I am a Leadership Accelerator, founder and owner of Ghezzi Coaching, supporting leaders in their development journey through individual coaching and team work. I have over 20 years of experience in training, organisation and development across a wide variety of industries and sectors and I am certified as a Coach with ICF (International Coach Federation) and with The Leadership Circle. My passion is supporting people to achieve their goals by finding their true meaning, expressing their full potential and ultimately being more effective leaders, happier people and having a greater impact on Society.



     Nancy Cooklin

    Trainer, Speaker, Coach and Counselor, with more than thirty years in the business world specialising in sales, marketing and soft skills in San Francisco, Mexico City, Milan and Lima, Perú. After her studies in Business Administration and after a few years in sales, she continued her training as NLP Coach and Trainer (studying directly with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts and Tony Robbins). In 2010 attended the Programma di Sviluppo Manageriale at the SDA Bocconi in Milan and to complete the search for understanding human behaviour, a three year training in Systemic Pluralistic Counseling. Author of various best selling audio courses and e-books on iTunes such as “Impara a Vendere te Stesso”, “Las personas primero te compran a ti” , “Come Vendere alle Donne” e “Stressati e felici: come creare la tua felicità” and Crea te Stessa.



    paola maria caburlotto

    Da sempre profilo internazionale, Paola ha una laurea in Lingue, un Master of Arts in Conferencing Interpreting, un Master Program in Economia all’Università di Genova e un MBA alla University of Chicago Booth. Dal 2006 inizia la sua esperienza nel Senior Executive Recruitment con un focus su Financial Services e Professional Business Services. Dal 2012 si è dedicata ai temi di Innovazione e Digital Transformation, creando un osservatorio sulla creazione di valore dei Big Data e sull’evoluzione delle competenze di una nuova generazione di leadership. È, inoltre, advisor di società di innovazione sui temi di change management. Da sempre si dedica all’evoluzione delle donne leader, imprenditrici e investor e fonda con altre donne europee Go Beyond Investment.

     pamela maguire

    Executive Business and Team Coach. I love working with professionals to help them recognise and achieve their goals.  After 20 years as a manager and Executive Director in multinational and Italian companies I decided to dedicate my time and energy to helping people achieve more clarity regarding their own behaviours and objectives and to build competencies and more options. My approach is a balance of rational and emotional know-how, blending my business acumen, psychological and coaching studies, experience, knowledge and techniques together with mindfulness wisdom and practices to best help you achieve your goals. 

    rossana andreotti

    Advanced Professional Counselor (Assocounseling); Executive, Business and Life Coach; Diploma triennale post-universitario in “Analisi Transazionale per le professioni di relazione e di aiuto”; Design Thinking a supporto dello sviluppo del potenziale umano e della creatività.

     silvia rigamonti

    Executive Coach – Facilitator & Advisor, Silvia founds her professionality on Net&Team – Working, Emotional Intelligence & Diversity, and Creativity & Strategic Thinking: key factors for the success of any human being. She is part of Generation Mover, company involved in Generation Diversity. Born in Milan, she graduated in Economics at LIUC Castellanza (Varese) and, before starting her new business, she matured a 15 year international experience in Corporate Finance – Merger & Acquisition. 

     simona toni

    Simona Toni is a Digital Marketing Psychologist. She achieved a BSc in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience, a MSc in Marketing and Communication Psychology and an Honors Degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing. She is the co-founder of a digital consulting company called Psicologi Digitali Web Agency, where she can mix the knowledge in Marketing, Communication and Psychology and her capabilities in Social Media and Digital Marketing. She has the role of Digital Business Consulting, helping everyday freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises to communicate effectively online. 

     valeria cardillo piccolino

    Valeria Cardillo Piccolino is an Associate Partner at TPC Leadership Italy. Starting from her studies in Organizational Psychology, she has developed expertise in Diversity Management and women leadership. She has experience in multinational organizations and as an HR Training & Development, and is now a Leadership consultant ed Executive coach, with a focus in supporting leaders to engage people through an inclusive approach. Her main strength is acting as a Career Coach/Mentor, a sparring partner for her clients in developing personal branding, networking skills or an idea/professional project.




  • Step Up Your Career Coaching Program

    12 January 2020

    Step Up Your Career Coaching Program has been organised by PWN Milan in cooperation with 3 professional Coaches of Cloconsulting, Lauretta Filangieri, Antonella Villa, Rossana Andreotti.  

    The program targets managers who want to acquire higher self awareness and understand how to growth professionally, bearing in mind what does it mean the personal and professional success for them. A lot of work of the program is centred on managers to acquire instruments that allow them to decide what is better for them and how to compare with their work environments. 

    The program is an experiential path that allows managers to:

    1. Increase self awareness, including own targets.
    2. Understand the work environment and own role within it.
    3. Understand opportunities generated by networking and its value added.
    4. Acquire instruments aimed at building own growth strategy that include both personal and professional objectives. 

    The program is intended as group work and it has been developed through 4 meetings of 3 hours each, managed by professional coaches. Topics of the meetings have been the following ones:

    1. Dimension of the self: me and myself, my identity;
    2. Dimension of the company/organization: values and objectives, internal career policies, cultural environment.
    3. Dimension of the external market: roles, competencies and attitudes required for executives profiles.
    4. Synthesis: where I am and where I want to be through (re-)discovered values. 

    Stay tuned for the new edition of the program!

  • Own Your Career Program

    12 January 2020

    PWN Milan ha lanciato negli scorsi anni il programma Own Your Career : un percorso formativo dedicato a giovani studentesse delle Università Bicocca, Bocconi, Cattolica, LIUC e PoLiMi (www.kickoffyourfuture.it) che ha riscosso molto successo.

    Nelle prime tre edizioni i (2017-19) il programma ha coinvolto 110 giovani talenti e a fine 2019 è partita la nuova edizione che coinvolgerà due gruppi per un totale di 80 studentesse talentuose e motivate.

    Complessivamente il programma nelle quattro edizioni  ha visto il coinvolgimento di 26 donne role model ed ha offerto alle talent la possibilità di beneficiare di un totale complessivo di 40 ore di formazione. 

    L'edizione 2020 del programma verrà realizzata col supporto attivo di Astrazeneca, BCG, Crédit Agricole CIB, Google Italia, Oracle e Shiseido; nelle precedenti edizioni hanno partecipato anche Dell,  Fastweb e Sanofi.

    L'obiettivo del programma è quello di creare una sinergia tra università e mondo del lavoro, valorizzando quella fase in cui da studentessa si diventa lavoratrice: un momento delicato fatto di aspettative, ma anche di punti interrogativi e di paure.

    Attraverso una serie di incontri nelle diverse aziende partecipanti, le studentesse hanno la possibilità di raccogliere spunti ispirativi ascoltando le storie professionali e personali delle donne role model, stimoli di crescita professionale e personale dalla partecipazione ai mini workshop su soft skills condotti da trainer di PWN Milan; nonché confrontarsi con colleghe e arricchire il proprio network di relazioni professionali.

    Il programma che ha riscosso crescete successo sia tra le giovanissime sia tra le aziende è giunto alla sua quarta edizione: oltre ai benefici diretti per le partecipanti - che si sentono più forti e determinate nel loro ingresso nel mondo del lavoro - possiamo vedere gli effetti indiretti nelle comunità di appartenenza delle professioniste (senior e junior) che partecipano.

    In particolare siamo molto orgogliose di condividere con tutto il network di PWN Milan che le giovani talent OYC, entrate nel mondo del lavoro, sono promotrici dirette dell'esperienza maturata grazie al Programma e della volontà di promuovere la partecipazione delle loro organizzazioni alle iniziative di PWN MIlan ed in particolare del programma OYC.

    Per tutte le aziende corporate interessate, in primavera avvieremo la fase di selezione delle nuove aziende che prenderanno parte all'edizione relativa al nuovo anno accademico 2020-21: per ogni tipo di informazione potete prendere contatto con il team del programma attraverso l'indirizzo kickoffyourfuture@pwnmilan.net

  • For those who missed PWN Milan | Empowering Talk Event & Networking Cocktail | Dialogue Makes Equality |20 November 2019 @ Boston Consulting Group

    5 January 2020

    The PWN Milan Gender Balanced Leadership Event on 20th November brought together organisations that promote new male models, leaders who overcome stereotypes, professionals and content expert who are passionately working to accelerate gender balanced leadership.

    Hosted by Laura Villani, BCG Italy, we had a super engaging panel discussion moderated by the journalist Cristina Lazzati, Editor in chief for Mark UP and Gdoweek. The panelists were:

    • Filippo Agnello, VP & Country Manager Italy, Spain, Portugal – Mattel
    • Riccardo Calvi, Responsabile Comunicazione – Procter & Gamble Italia
    • Sonia Malaspina, Direttore HR Sud Europa – Danone
    • Marco Pedroni, Presidente – COOP Italia
    • Vanessa ten Hoff, Senior Director Brands and Digital, Whirlpool EMEA

    They all agreed that progress in achieving gender parity is still slow. At the end of 2016, the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report estimated that, at the current pace, it would take another 170 years for the gender gap to be closed. This calls for immediate action. 

    Everyone, from individuals and households to organisations and policy makers, needs to commit to accelerating gender equality and ensure that half of the world’s population gets an equal chance to realise their full potential. In addition to being a moral imperative, gender equality is bound to have a great impact on economies.

    According to FAO studied, if women had the same access to production resources as men, they could increase their farm yields by 20–30%. This could reduce the number of people suffering from hunger by 12–17% globally. 

    A research showed that rising women’s income by $10 has the same positive effects on children’s health and nutrition as a $110 increase in men’s income.

    So how do we go about achieving such an ambitious goal? As this year’s International Women’s Day theme urges us. 

    If we all do our bit, in an action-oriented, pragmatic way, starting small but thinking big, we can move closer to achieving gender equality.

    We already talked about gender equality in our previous events or workshop. This has been actually a completely different night from others, and trough the evening we had the chance to see the firms’ point of views on gender gap and to see and understand (and why not, to evaluate and to argue) some firms’ initiatives to close this gap.

    But, after flows of worlds and videos and speakers’ contributes, what really stayed impressed in the memory of all participants is that winning the gender gap - the gap that still limits girls belief in their potential -is an effort that has to involve all of us, “it’s up to all of us”!

    Let’s continue in talking about dream gap and gender difference, then. Let’s move on in inspiring women to feel they are important as men, both in personal and in professional life.

    Get all women and men involved and see how world can be better in this way!

    Text edited by Alissia Molteni

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