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  • Mentoring closing Party!

    22 February 2018

    106 women involved, 43 couples, a reverse mentoring group with 8 senior mentees and 6 y-gen mentors. These are the big numbers of PWN Milan Mentoring Program for the 2017 edition.

    On the 1st of February, at the  Closing Party, it was quite easy to distinguish the mentoring couples: the complicity they created was clear!

    Each couple met 5 or more times during the project and spent at least 1 hour and a half talking every time. But have they found what they were looking for? How it was their experience?

    “I wanted to develop my assertively skills” says Paola Ceruti, Compliance Expert for Crédit Agricole. Paola was matched with Jiska van der Kooji, a “body and mind” life coach from Holland. “The most incredible thing is that Jiska immediately understood my personal peculiarities, she helped me understand how to become more effective in the way I communicate to others” said Paola.

    “We also chatted about our personal lives and emotions”, explained Jiska “If you remain behind the mask, it’s hard to cultivate your inner self”. Paola and Jiska had no cultural barrier to overcome: “ We used to speak both in Italian and in English. Language skills improvement was a plus” they said.

    This couple define itself as a “well matched” one –actually the speed dating method for matching couples revealed to be one of the most appreciated tool of the project since it was introduced last year.

    “The first time I met my mentor, was on Skype”, said Federica Grassi, Health and Market Access for the Biopharma industry. “I didn’t have the chance to meet my mentor during the speed dating: she was in London, I was in Milan”. Chiara Saraceno, an executive trainer based in London was matched to be Federica’s mentor: “I definitely got a positive charge off this experience” said Federica. “I didn’t know how my career path could develop, Chiara helped me to find out new ways of personal and professional improvements”.

    Communication skills and Career development are actually two of the main areas of development Mentor and Mentees worked most, followed by Personal Branding and Emotional intelligence. Silvia Rigamonti and Laura Micciché, that coordinated the project, presented the results of the final survey among the participants of the last edition: 91,7% of interviewed declared that they considered the program helpful to meet their development goals. The big success of this edition is probably due to diverse factors: commitment and motivation, appreciation and benefits for both mentors and mentees  and the great experience for the Reverse Mentoring Group.

    Would you like to live a Mentoring Experience too? Register now for the 2018 Mentoring Launch event on March 7.

    More info on the 2018 Mentoring Program at the dedicated page.

  • For those Who missed our workshop - Style Awareness in the Workplace

    14 February 2018

    An inspiring event for PWN Milan at the beginning of February and again in a location that perfectly deals with the topic of the evening: style.

    Main protagonist was our elegant and sophisticated Stefania Fornoni, a famous personal stylist and business image Consultant. She brought us in an amazing and even funny journey, showing how women had to change and to adapt themselves through the years and trends, although trying to remain who they are.

    More and more women wanted or had to demonstrate their capabilities and strenghts with clothes because most of the time they have been judged by what they wore.

    Stefania gave lots of advice and played with us in order to strongly explain that style is just a balance between what is in our minds and what fits our bodies.

    And what about you, which style do you represent in your daily life? Easy, classic, pretty, exhuberant or unique?

    The secret is... Do not listen to others. Be yourself with a pinch of glamour!

    See you at the next event! Stay tuned on PWN Event Calendar

  • For Those Who Missed Our Workshop – Jumpstart Your New Year

    7 February 2018

    Here we go, another year over and a new one just begun (as a famous song sang…..)

    What are purposes for the new year? Have you focused them and have you found in your self the courage to declare and to face them up?

    During our interactive talk the great and inspiring Hooda Soodi gave some tips to design our own strategy and to think “out of the box”, giving you the chance to make your real dreams and passions come true.

    Start now, be open to feedbacks, change your habits and reveal yourself beacause only in this way you can drive your own happiness.

    Stay tuned and…see you at the next event!



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