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  • PWN Empowering Talk - How to Plan your financial future - Wednesday 21st March

    9 April 2018

    The world has changed, especially from an economic and demogaphic point of view. There’s an increasing growth in life expectancy and money saving becomes a crucial matter. For any kind of person, both adult and junior ones.

    This has been the first PWN's Empowering Talks appointment in 2018.

    Everything starts with the first job - as Antonio Poggialini (Sales Director at Pictet Asset Management) explained  - after few months you realize that you have something to manage, to protect and to organize properly for your future. 

    No one is prepared for that moment.

    People, without a financial background or a good guidance too, easily fall in mistakes. For example, 31% of people think that bond are safe. In fact is not. 30 years of lowing economic perspectives caused a short term view and people completely forgot to plan their financial future with a long term thinking.

    Banking and investment’s institutes are the best consultants to help you organizing and planning savings according to trends and personal needs.

    Tiziana Bocus, Partner at Allianz Bank, shared he essential tips and rules to keep in mind before investing: 

    1. Set your investment goals and stick to them
    2. Make savings and investment an habit
    3. Don’t try to time the market
    4. Diversify your investment
    5. Keep it simple: set clear investment with clear points (otherwise don’t do it)
    6. Speak regularly to somebody you trust
    7. When your goals change, go back to number 1.

    In few words, the key is to start thinking long term and with a proper help, future could be safer.

    This aspect touches especially women who - stereotyped with unrealized professional careers - have to reestablish and confirm their empowerment also through money.

    Odile Robotti (Learning Hedge) highlighted how money have a gender determination and we are not confirming anything strange if we say that money are masculine rather than femminine. Researches confirm, still in 2018, that women are paid less than men and, in long term, earn and save less money than men. Only 11% of women are billionaires. And this is also due to crashes and stops that women have in their life that actually prevent them to access to a certain level of earning.

    Firms should help to destroy this tendency and society should emphasized the gender balance, also from a financial point of view.

    So, women.... As someone famous said once: “be foolish, stay hungry” and when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    Start saving money, it does not matter the age or your career step, start now changing your behavior from a fearless girl to a fearless woman. One day your courage along with your investment will help you to reinforce your independence.

    See you at the next event!  Stay tuned!

    Text edited by Alissia Molteni


  • Highlights of the Mentoring Program Launch

    23 March 2018

    After few empowering talks, this has been the time to talk about ourself and in particular about an amazing PWN’s program which started 8 years ago: the Mentoring Program.

    The event of the last 7th March has been the official launch of the project and the rich and energetic PWN’s audience during the evening has been involved in a beautiful journey through not only the details and deadlines of the program but also through all the inspiring experiences of the womens that joined the previous editions.

    More than 700 womens have in fact  participated in the program, from all over the world and form an incredibile variety of companies and businesses that actually nowadays makes PWN a powerful professional network. 

    But how does the program works exactly?

    There are five passages: online application, speed date event, training meetings for the ones selected, couples match and the kick-off event. 

    What is important, in order to join, is just to be an active PWN member. The program is free!

    Just to resume some details and logistics: to candidate as a MENTOR the application period is 07 – 16 March 2018, while to candidate as a MENTEE the application period is 22 – 30 March 2018. All the info and links to apply are available here.

    Starting from the 22nd of March the selection of mentors and mentees will be starting and during the Speed Date, which will take place on the 19th of April, all PWN Members selected for the program will have a specific time to know as much mentors as possible and choose their own preferences. Preferences will be collected by the PWN Mentoring team and all the futures mentors and mentees, waiting for their official match, will be involved into two trainings that will take place on May 3rd (for future mentors) and on May 10th (for future mentees).

    Mentors and meetees can work with each other in two different ways: 1-to-1 meetings - in person or via Skype - or by joining the reverse mentoring groups - a different way to interpret the program which actually helps people to work in groups and to develop their personal branding building up self marketing strategies; which means emphasize the uniqueness of themselves and find out a way to express oneself, emerge and succeed.

    The Mentoring program can really make each other, can help and emphasize different cultures, languages and different ways to interprete things. The project with all its characteristics can help to better clarify the objectives we have in life both in the professional environment and in personal life. 

    We have to say that the success of the program is especially in the hands of who has the courage and strength to join, who is not afraid to opening up, to help people thanks to the experiences. Results, some ladies said, could be really unexpected both on communication, behavior, attitude  and.....happiness.

    So, please do not wait. Apply

    Good luck and stay tuned for the next steps and...for the next empowering talk evenings. 

    Some other inspirations are waiting for you! 

     Text edited by Alissia Molteni

  • For those who missed our workshop - Create yourself: living a balanced life.

    23 March 2018

    On 21 February 2018 we had the third appointment for PWN Milan, which actually closed February with all its initiatives and inspirations.

    Main protagonist of this evening has been Nancy Cooklin, executive coach whose principals follow Daniel Goleman’s studies on emotional intelligence.

    In order to perform both in professional and personal life - Nancy explained - you need to be centered. Easy concept but not immediate to reach.

    Thanks to a deep and an addictive dialog, Nancy helped PWN’s “pink audience” to discover the incredible mistery of oneself: it’s about letting go, stripping off the masks that keep us feeding isolated, dissolving the inner judge and re-discovering the innate love and wisdom within.

    But how? Just being connected with oneself and with others.

    Whenever it is needed to find out an own balance - Nancy suggested - you should remove additions and weights in your life, and make your thoughts and life authentic and real.

    It doesn’t matter how you felt and how much it hurt, resilience is how fast you recover and you are able to change the negative side of an episode from a positive one.

    Listen to your body, feel HAPPY and not only fine.

    Are you ready to start feeling better? Meditate and you will see that the way to get to balance is closer than you expect. Stay aware, stay connected, be positive and foolish somehow.

    See you at the next event with a great smile on your face!
















    Text edited by Alissia Molteni

  • Mentoring closing Party!

    22 February 2018

    106 women involved, 43 couples, a reverse mentoring group with 8 senior mentees and 6 y-gen mentors. These are the big numbers of PWN Milan Mentoring Program for the 2017 edition.

    On the 1st of February, at the  Closing Party, it was quite easy to distinguish the mentoring couples: the complicity they created was clear!

    Each couple met 5 or more times during the project and spent at least 1 hour and a half talking every time. But have they found what they were looking for? How it was their experience?

    “I wanted to develop my assertively skills” says Paola Ceruti, Compliance Expert for Crédit Agricole. Paola was matched with Jiska van der Kooji, a “body and mind” life coach from Holland. “The most incredible thing is that Jiska immediately understood my personal peculiarities, she helped me understand how to become more effective in the way I communicate to others” said Paola.

    “We also chatted about our personal lives and emotions”, explained Jiska “If you remain behind the mask, it’s hard to cultivate your inner self”. Paola and Jiska had no cultural barrier to overcome: “ We used to speak both in Italian and in English. Language skills improvement was a plus” they said.

    This couple define itself as a “well matched” one –actually the speed dating method for matching couples revealed to be one of the most appreciated tool of the project since it was introduced last year.

    “The first time I met my mentor, was on Skype”, said Federica Grassi, Health and Market Access for the Biopharma industry. “I didn’t have the chance to meet my mentor during the speed dating: she was in London, I was in Milan”. Chiara Saraceno, an executive trainer based in London was matched to be Federica’s mentor: “I definitely got a positive charge off this experience” said Federica. “I didn’t know how my career path could develop, Chiara helped me to find out new ways of personal and professional improvements”.

    Communication skills and Career development are actually two of the main areas of development Mentor and Mentees worked most, followed by Personal Branding and Emotional intelligence. Silvia Rigamonti and Laura Micciché, that coordinated the project, presented the results of the final survey among the participants of the last edition: 91,7% of interviewed declared that they considered the program helpful to meet their development goals. The big success of this edition is probably due to diverse factors: commitment and motivation, appreciation and benefits for both mentors and mentees  and the great experience for the Reverse Mentoring Group.

    Would you like to live a Mentoring Experience too? Register now for the 2018 Mentoring Launch event on March 7.

    More info on the 2018 Mentoring Program at the dedicated page.

  • For those Who missed our workshop - Style Awareness in the Workplace

    14 February 2018

    An inspiring event for PWN Milan at the beginning of February and again in a location that perfectly deals with the topic of the evening: style.

    Main protagonist was our elegant and sophisticated Stefania Fornoni, a famous personal stylist and business image Consultant. She brought us in an amazing and even funny journey, showing how women had to change and to adapt themselves through the years and trends, although trying to remain who they are.

    More and more women wanted or had to demonstrate their capabilities and strenghts with clothes because most of the time they have been judged by what they wore.

    Stefania gave lots of advice and played with us in order to strongly explain that style is just a balance between what is in our minds and what fits our bodies.

    And what about you, which style do you represent in your daily life? Easy, classic, pretty, exhuberant or unique?

    The secret is... Do not listen to others. Be yourself with a pinch of glamour!

    See you at the next event! Stay tuned on PWN Event Calendar

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