5 CHAIRS 5 CHOICES - Own your behaviours, master your communication, determine your success

04 October 2017

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5 CHAIRS, 5 CHOICES -  - Own your behaviours, master your communication, determine your success

If you ever had the chance to meet Louise Evans in person, you might notice how charismatic and emphatic woman she is. She listen to what you say, and acts consequently. It’s no surprise, she’s the inventor of the world-famous "5 Chairs" method, considered by many top managers and companies as a "changing life experience".
We all met Louise last week during our latest Empowering Talk Event at the Hotel Cavalieri. Louise engaged the audience in a 90 minute-session of her presentation of the 5 Chairs, 5 Choices project.
She showed us the importance of understanding our feelings and other people’s feelings in order to behave in the right way. This, helps to avoid ruining relationships and fix any situation.
5 Chairs, 5 animals to represent the way we react in circumstances. They represent which behaviours and attitudes we bring in the world in every moment.
The Jackal is always ready to attack. When you choose to act like a jackal, you are creating no connection to the other person. In fact, this is the chair where we misbehave the most. On this chair we judge people.
So you could act like a Hedgehog, and play the victim. Could it ever be a good choice to blame ourselves? In this chair we judge ourselves. Let’s try to sit on the next chair: the Meerkat chair. This animal is always aware, incredibly vigilant. This is the "WAIT" Chair. If you choose to sit on this chair, you choose to be mindful of your thoughts. There’s another one step you can take forward and act like a Dolphin. This is the detect chair. Detect ourselves, our feelings. We set our boundaries but we communicate beautifully with other human beings, speaking our truth, recognizing the others. The last chair, is the Giraffe chair. Did you know that the giraffe has the biggest heart of all the animals? It has also the longest neck, this gave it an incredible vision. Acting like a giraffe means to connect to other people, displaying empathy, compassion and understanding.
You can always choose how to behave. This is powerful.
And as Louise always says: "Just think. 5 Chairs, 5 choices".

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22 November, h 19:00/21:00 - Milan
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