2nd Edition of Kick Off Your Future – Own Your Career Program

10 December 2018

The 2nd Edition is on going! We are very proud of this program that aims at strengthening self-esteem and professionalism of young women who are about to enter the world of work, with resourcefulness and determination.

With KICK OFF YOUR FUTURE - Own Your Career Program, PWN Milan renews its role as a catalyst for innovative projects for young women by creating a synergy between universities and the business world.

The phase in which a student is about to become a worker is a delicate moment of expectations, but also a moment full of doubts and questions. Living this moment grasping its potential, living it as the starting point for a new challenge, with energy and the desire to get involved, is essential for dreams and hopes winning over fears and insecurities.

Important companies and Milan Universities  are PWN Milan's Partners in this successful program to help building a path of personal and professional growth for young professional women:





For more information, please visit http://www.kickoffyourfuture.it/

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