For those who missed the Special Networking Aperitivo -#IamRemarkable powered by Google | 17 October 2018

22 October 2018

Remarkable isn't always about changing the biggest machine in your factory. It can be the way you answer the phone, launch a new brand, or price a revision to your software. Getting in the habit of doing the "unsafe" thing every time you have the opportunity, is the best way to see what's working and what's not.

There is a difference between being remarkable and between being noticed. For instance, running down the street naked will get you noticed but it certainly doesn’t make you remarkable. However, if you were to run naked down the street of big cities all across the world to raise money for the homeless, then you may have a very good chance at being remarkable.

Two great speakers Connie D'Innella (AUDIENCE & DATA SPECIALIST at GOOGLE) and Gabriella Petriccione (GLOBAL CURRICULUM MANAGER at GOOGLE ) introduced the topic to the PWN Milan pink audience with the hashtag #IamRemarkable; a leitmotiv that revealed - by discussions and strong emotions - how special this Aperitivo has been.

#IamRemarkable is not only a motto, but a real program, a great project created by two Google Employees aimed to strive to empower women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, to improve self promotion, to challenge the social perception about self promotion, thereby breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings.

Few data, but important to understand the great columns of this project: statistics say that usually men apply for a promotion even if they met only 60% of the job requirements; on the other side women apply only if they have 100% of the requirements otherwise they give up.

People believe not be remarkable for their parents, for their beloved ones, for their bosses. Studies highlighted a strong sense of inferiority, a lack of self-awareness and a general fear of failing.

Explore the limits. What if you're the cheapest, the fastest, the slowest, the hottest, the coldest, the easiest, the most efficient, the loudest, the most hated, the copycat, the outsider, the hardest, the oldest, the newest, or just the most! If there's a limit, you should (must) test it.

Think small. One vestige of the TV-industrial complex is a need to think mass. If it doesn't appeal to everyone, the thinking goes, it's not worth it. No longer. Think of the smallest conceivable market and describe a product that overwhelms it with its remarkability. Go from there.

Act. Get a group of friends or colleagues and find out a day in which to share out loud oneself achievements. List them and take time to go through them when needed or share them in a real professional situation, review and improve. Set your self-promotion skills and gain to achieve the goal just for your self.

Another challenge? Well find your own way and be yourself. Do some practice, exercise the ability to sell yourself, be courageous and believe in your skills whatever it is the moment of your life, whatever is your possibility, whenever it is crucial for your own balance and self-confidence.

Be you, be remarkable.

Stay tuned for the next event!!!

Text edited by Alissia Molteni


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