Step Up Your Career Coaching Program

06 January 2021

Step Up Your Career Coaching Program has been organised by PWN Milan in cooperation with 3 professional Coaches of Cloconsulting, Lauretta Filangieri, Antonella Villa, Rossana Andreotti.  

The program targets managers who want to acquire higher self awareness and understand how to growth professionally, bearing in mind what does it mean the personal and professional success for them. A lot of work of the program is centred on managers to acquire instruments that allow them to decide what is better for them and how to compare with their work environments. 

The program is an experiential path that allows managers to:

  1. Increase self awareness, including own targets.
  2. Understand the work environment and own role within it.
  3. Understand opportunities generated by networking and its value added.
  4. Acquire instruments aimed at building own growth strategy that include both personal and professional objectives. 

The program is intended as group work and it has been developed through 4 meetings of 3 hours each, managed by professional coaches. Topics of the meetings have been the following ones:

  1. Dimension of the self: me and myself, my identity;
  2. Dimension of the company/organization: values and objectives, internal career policies, cultural environment.
  3. Dimension of the external market: roles, competencies and attitudes required for executives profiles.
  4. Synthesis: where I am and where I want to be through (re-)discovered values. 

Stay tuned for the new edition of the program!

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