Gender balance: good for women, good for men and good for business

11 December 2018

Highlights of PWN Milan Empowering Talk Event - Gender balance: good for women, good for men and good for business | 17 October

Guest Speaker Paul Walentynowicz - FOUNDER AND CEO PWCIB ACADEMY

It has been an interactive evening with sometimes heated discussions on the benefits of gender equality, not only at the corporate level, but also privately. Paul Walentynowicz, Founder and CEO of a European diversity training and consultancy firm stated that the more equalmen’s health, their relationship with the children and even couple’s sex life enhances when equality at home increases. With few words you can say: to the dishes and cooking, it’s a 100% ROI, guaranteed.

And now a bit more serious, Mercer survey: Europe ILM outlines that the C-suites are still underpopulated by female (only 21%), while senior management 24%, Middle management 32%. Only at support staff level female outnumber male by 2%.

It’s very clear that with the yesterday’s answers we won’t solve tomorrows challenges connected to: automation, hybrid customers, aging societies or talent migration. The main problems will be related to: lack of diverse thinking, difficulty to attract diverse talent and a poor fit with diverse customers. The engagement of women might change it, especially as the younger generation comes with ‘softer’ values connected to: work/life balance and inclusive workspace. Humility, vision, intuition and collaboration will be required to be implemented into the companies’ DNA. They will form a fundament for the diversity and inclusion tomorrow’s customer and employee requires.

Companies which won’t be able to change will be doomed to fail. Generation X might undergo a significant transformation as there is little understanding of the trends represented by Millennials, who naturally are more inclined to be inclusive and gender sensitive. They grew up with higher diversity and global interactivity and gender equality is more intuitive to them. Therefore they might be not willing to work in a 20th century environment. As result of gender equality the modern companies achieve:

• Increased Creativity
• Diverse marketing teams which perform better
• Dimished testosterone and "ego drive" resulting in a more collaborative approach, increased cohesion
• High performing women and men are attracted and retained.
• Financial risks diminished as more sustainable approach will be adopted.

Paul has outlined additional benefits of gender equality at home, especially around household work and childcare. The evidence is piling up that as men do more of the caregiving,  violence against women falls; delinquency declines, the health, happiness, and well-being of men, children, and women improve.  Couples report better sex lives. Women’s income increases.
There is clearly something in the gender conversation for men.  Those individual benefits are based on Robin’s Terrell findings.

To sum up, engaging men is not a luxury but a duty of the companies, organisations and societies. Future welfare of Italy, Europe and the world is clearly correlated with equal treatment of men and women.

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