MILAN IWOB - International Women on Board

NEW PROGRAMME to develop competencies to join and participate effectively on Boards.

One of the key takeaways of our 2024 PWN Global Summit in Strasbourg is certainly that Women Chairs percentage in Europe is only at 10.4% as of today. 

PWN Milan is willing to commit to increase that percentage and is indeed proud to announce the launch of  International Women on Board (IWOB), a 6-month programme fully focused on Soft Skills and Hard Skills development to acquire all

the necessary knowledge and competencies that make women eligible to join Board positions, as well as learning from experienced Mentors and connecting with a huge International Network.

And Networking is crucial to find a Board position, that is why we believe MILAN IWOB joiners can benefit from an international and multi-language network as we are at PWN Milan.

Our pillars are indeed:

  • PREPARE: acquire the knowledge around being a Board member and the related duties
  • LEARN: an experienced mentor will accompany you throughout the MILAN IWOB programme
  • CONNECT: with an International Community and learn from each other. This will help you find a Board position through Networking. 

We identify eligible candidates to become Board members with the idea of building the MILAN IWOB Alumni of PWN that is connected to 30,000+ PWN members across the globe. 

We engage with men and we work together in our mission of building gender equity on Corporate Boards.

The MILAN IWOB programme is launching in September 2024 and ending in February 2025. 

It is made of 3 modules:

  1. Technical foundations
  2. Soft skills required
  3. Apply Knowledge with the power of Networking

INVESTMENT: The fee to take part in the International Women on Board  Programme is € 1,300.00 payable prior to the start of the program, and it includes a full year of PWN Premium Membership.

INSTALMENT PAYMENTS: Available upon request.

EARLY BIRDS: 20% discount for all registrations submitted by 30th June 2024.

CLOSING DATE: Registrations for our 2024 MILAN IWOB Programme will close on 31st July 2024.

MILAN IWOB is a 6-month programme with 12+ group sessions with Board Simulation and a Constant Mentoring support from a Board member. The programme ends with a Graduation Ceremony and you will be added to our Alumni. 

 It provides targeted development and mentorship to help women understand the skills required and gain practical insights in preparing and equipping them for their board journey. Each participant is assigned to a mentor, with Board experience, who will share experience, provide guidance and advice to support the mentee to successfully navigate the board environment.

The requirements to join are the following:

  • Premium Membership of PWN Milan Network - Click here to join us
  • Currently serving on a private, non-profit or public listed board
  • Have served on a private, non-profit or public-listed board
  • Have significant leadership experience at C-Level, partner or director level and is keen to explore how to obtain the first board position or to strategically build a successful Board portfolio career
  • An established entrepreneur and leader who would like to get insights to the usefulness of a Board of Directors for in SMEs 

All eligible candidates can submit their requests via email together with their CV and Cover letter at A PWN Milan Selection Committee will contact candidates who fulfill the above-mentioned requirements for a formal interview.





For any further information, please feel free to reach out to us. We can’t wait to have you onboard!

PWN Milan

MILAN IWOB Programme Team


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